About the Authors

Mr. A.

Mr. A was raised with family values that were the order of the day. He was taught at an early age to honor adults and to treat everyone with respect. He has worked in the oil and gas industry and as a contractor in United States and the Middle East for thirty years. He is now building the business A2International which is reaching global acclaim throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Russia and soon the Middle East with positive messages to children of the world.


At a very early age, Angela was taught structure, moralistic values, self respect and respect for others. She has taught kindergarten, first grade, and is also a sponsor and mentor for the children in an organization called YLOD/YMOE (Young Ladies of Distinction and Young Men of Excellence). The purpose of this organization is to focus children on leadership, manners, etiquette and community service. This is the author's fourth year teaching and she is super excited for what the future holds!

Supplemental Input

How many times is this image shown in the movies or television? a young adult, or even a child, acting irresponsibly, even rudely, to an adult. The young person leaves, and the adult shakes their head and makes a comment about the lack of respect shown. A recurring theme as generations age is contempt for the younger generation, and it is this contempt that authors Mr. A and Angela target in their new children's book Donovan and Winslow: Obey Your Parents.

Donovan and Winslow: Obey Your Parents is the first of the children's book series. Donovan and Winslow are two animated and colorful characters who undergo the life lessons being taught in the stories. The purpose of this book series is to teach young children moralistic values and good character as they grow and mature.

Donovan and Winslow's friendship helps illustrate how to make good choices in life in a nurturing and humorous way. The basis for the book's appeal, the author notes, is that "... doing what is right will always have opposition, but it has a better outcome in the end."

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